Scope & Importance

Being a service industry, having the right attitude is most important. The employees must have an outgoing and pleasant personality, capacity for hard work and a liking for interacting with people. Hotel Management diploma/degree holders have the ability to keeping the situation under control during any crisis, discipline, commitment and dedication is a must.

Besides working in hotels, hotel management diploma/degree holders have the following options:


Club Management/Recreation & Health Centre Management

Restaurant Management/Fast Food Joint Management

Cruise Ship Hotel Management

Hospital Administration and Catering

Forest Lodges

Guest Houses

Institutional Management (supervising canteens in college, schools, in factories, company guest houses etc.)

Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping companies etc.

Hotel and catering institutes

Self employment

Institutional and Industrial Catering

Airline Catering and Cabin Services

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment and Services

Hotel and Catering Institutes

Hotel and Tourism Associations

Catering Departments in banks and insurance houses

In food, confectionery, beverage production industries

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