Trustee Message

Rajsheela Hotel Management Institute is managed by Rajsheela Education Trust, with a vision to establish a centre of excellence in the field of hospitality industry. Our students are not customers purchasing a service from us, but are people who have subjected themselves to our academic process to mould themselves into a quality product for the end user – the hospitality industry.   To achieve the desire, to nurture the dreams and to connect them to reality, the Trust will impart and give special coaching in vocational and technical subjects. To conclude, it is my promise that the Institute will prove to be an ideal place to provide all possible opportunities for best education and development of an all-round personality to meet the challenges of a competitive future.

I take this opportunity to invite you to visit, meet and communicate with our faculties on campus or as I would like to address them, ‘Hospitality Career Strategists’, who serve to combine behavioural attributes, service orientation, emotional intelligence and other soft talents along with professional knowledge and skills.


In all likelihood, your quest for the right college that can help you kick-start a promising career in the field of Hospitality ends at RHMI. Wishing you a bright career




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